If you feasted on mince pies and gammon this festive season, you may have noticed that your pants have ‘shrunk’, while your waist has expanded…

And while a little temporary weight gain is not the end of the world, it is important to re-focus, and get back into the routine of your healthy diet and lifestyle as soon as possible. Don’t delay the diet too long, or it will be more and more difficult to get the ball rolling again.

So your waist seems a little more ‘squishy’, and your belt needs to be loosened… let’s look at what this means in terms of your overall health, and some encouragement to stick to that New Year’s weight-loss resolution!

1. Larger waist, more diabetes-related diseases

Women with a waist larger than 35 inches (89 cm) and men over 40 inches (100 cm) have a far greater likelihood of developing a diabetes-related disease.

Examples of these include type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. This not good news if you currently fall into this group of people, as these conditions are potentially life-threatening.

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