A new year, a new opportunity, it is said. The ending of one year, the start of a new, better year – this is what we seem to feel at each new unfolding January.

We have the unfortunate mindset that dictates that endings and beginnings must coincide with a calendar. I say unfortunate, because we expect changes, we hope for bigger and better things once every 365 days…

Whilst these are human traits, we fail to realise that we face challenges and overcome obstacles every day and that, in itself, is the beginning of our own unfolding, our chance to blossom.

The realisation that everything we have done up till now has prepared us for this moment, is rather a hard theory to understand

But what if it is so? Have you thought of your life this way?

Future: Upcoming; yet to come; a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come.

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“What’s past is prologue” – William Shakespeare, The Tempest – 1610 / 1611

This phrase, from The Tempest, Act 2, Scene I, sets the scene where Antonio asks Sebastian to kill his father. You could say that Antonio was suggesting that everything they have done in the past has brought them both to this point. A crossroad, a new challenge, an unfolding of a story or new beginning IF they carried out the deed.

In today’s world you could interpret the phrase by saying that everything you have done, or failed to do, or decided upon in the past, has set the scene for your life today.

All that happened before, has brought you to where you are right now. It set the scene, so to speak.

There is no need to bandy about with this quote – the truth of the matter is that it is true.

Life is not a series of happenings without your character playing a leading role

I am sure you have heard the phrase “You are the author of your own life”.

In essence this is true. I have often heard people blame their present circumstances on others, blame the weather, blame their illnesses, blame the economy or whatever they can to side step the cruel truth that their today is an accumulation of everything they did yesterday.

Blame seems to be a coat donned by low self-esteemed individuals. For them, taking responsibility is too heavy a price to pay.

The reason why the IDEA of positive thinking is so popular is that everyone wants to look at the bright side, yet we fail to realise that positive thinking requires a dedicated and focused determination to do things differently – from thought to action and repercussions thereof.

We cannot just eat the honey, we need the bees, stings and all.

Let me give you an example, a page from my own book of life, to illustrate my point

I could have sat on a thorn when my articles were not accepted and cried till there were no more tears. I used to play the victim, it was convenient and a way to elicit attention – for a while.

I realised that nobody would really help, nobody could take the reins of my life and make better decisions and nobody was there for me totally. That’s when I had to make hard choices so that my future would improve. But I constantly improved on my writing skills and persisted in sending them out, until one day I was rewarded for my efforts.

Where do YOU find yourself today?

  • Are you sitting on that blame train?
  • Are you grabbing every opportunity to learn and improve yourself?
  • Do you get up after each fall and decide to do better next time?
  • When faced with what seems a bad situation do you wallow in self pity?
  • Do you see life as an accumulation of events that have served you well up to today?
  • Are you suitably pleased with choices you have made, actions you have taken?
  • What can you do today to make your tomorrow brighter?

As always I welcome your comments. Please pop into my website www.thoughtfortheweekend.com for more thought provoking articles, sure to slap you into the new year with gusto!

Love and light