Christmas is a time of giving but it’s also a time of receiving a lot of items that will never be used…

Gumtree, the country’s biggest online classifieds site, tracks listings of unwanted gifts for sale at this time of year and the following top the list of unwanted goods:

  • Candles
  • Jewellery
  • Clothing
  • Perfume

Other disappointing gifts included CDs and Electronic Goods.

Over half the respondents to a Gumtree poll reported that they never use at least some of their Christmas presents but Gumtree SA GM-Director Claire Cobbledick says that only a small percentage of those items will ever be exchanged or used for re-gifting.

“The vast majority of those gifts will lie around unused which represents a lot of clutter and a huge waste of easy potential cash”.

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Cash in on unwanted items

Cobbledick notes that January is a difficult month financially for many people and one obvious way to relieve the strain is to sell those unwanted gifts and also to sell items bought in the pre-Christmas discounting season which purchasers are now regretting. “It’s even possible to turn a profit on some Black Friday specials now that normal pricing has been restored.”