Summer is here- but sadly so are the buzzing insects who find such fascination with our lights and braais.

A screen door is the perfect solution to keep these pesky critters outside where they belong- so here are our pro tips to make sure the installation is simple and perfect…

Screen doors have come a long way from the one you remember on Ouma’s porch

Don’t worry that you have to have some ugly contraption blocking the view. There are a wide range of stylish choices to pick from, even screen sliders that work in tandem with your sliding doors.

You can even build one yourself pretty simply if you’re handy. You just need the mesh and a sturdy frame.

In South Africa, many of us opt to attach the screen panels to security gates, cutting down on the amount of fiddling and faffing we do at the door. This does have it’s complications, however, as you will need to make sure the screen panels are properly riveted to the frame to prevent annoying bangs and looseness that will damage both the screen and the doors.

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You can rinse the door down with a scrubbing brush if you start seeing dirt and fluff caught on the screen. Be sure to rinse well once you are done, however, so that soapy residue doesn’t exacerbate the issue by making new dirt cling.

Tears are probably a huge concern too. Anything from your furry buddy to the wear-and-tear of daily life could put a hole in your dreams of a bug-free lounge. Worry no more- fixing it up is actually pretty simple! You’ll find screen-repair tape and screen patches freely available at most hardware stores. You can also swap out whole panels if one starts looking a little too ratty.

Keeping your screen door looking good needn’t be a worry, with a little planning- and our handy tips.