Every year, Pinterest analyses search terms to uncover the zeitgeist for the year. According to their report, these are the wellness trends for 2019…

From fashion, travel and home décor to wellness, the 100 Pinterest trends for 2019 report is a compilation of 250 million people’s aspirations.

So what are the main wellness trends for 2019?

According to Pinterest, ‘self-care’ is the main wellness theme for 2019 with an increase of 140% in searches.

Here are the other wellness trends that stuck out for 2019:

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Move over blueberries, there’s a new berry on the block.

Thanks to their anti-inflammatory effects, there is an increasing interest in elderberries with searches for ‘elderberry recipes’ up 685%.

Superfood powders

If you aren’t doing it already, 2019 may be the year that you’re convinced to try adding a superfood powder, like matcha or maca, to juice or a smoothie. Pinterest reports that searches for ‘super powders’ are up 144%.

Better sleep

Who would have thought that pulling all-nighters would become passé and getting to bed earlier would be the in-thing?

Thanks to all the studies and experts singing the praises of sleep, trying to get better shut-eye is a wellness focus for 2019 with searches for ‘sleep optimisation’ up by 116%.

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Healthy meal plans

Meal planning not only helps us save time and money, but it could also help us lose weight and feel great, which is why it’s no wonder that the search term ‘nutrition plans’ is up by 475%.

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One piece of exercise equipment

It’s a versatile and space-saving piece of exercise equipment, so it’s not surprising that resistance bands are making a comeback with searches for ‘band workouts’ up a whopping 1913%.


Bring on the mocktails. More people are ditching alcohol this year, but their commitment may extend far beyond a ‘Dry January’ with searches for ‘sober living’ up an astonishing 746%.

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Oh oil

We’ve been obsessed with coconut oil and now it’s time to try ginger oil.

There is an increase in people using ginger oil for baths, massages and in food, with searches for ‘ginger oil’ up by 659%.

Source: Business.pinterest.com

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