“New Year, New You” is a series of articles that will help you to become successful in your diet and exercise journey in 2019 (and every year thereafter). The articles will include tips, new ideas to try, strategies to follow, and encouragement to keep you moving forward…

How to STOP the pattern of failure NOW

If we’re honest with one another, the biggest stumbling block people face in the diet and exercise world is a very simple one. Most people who fail to achieve their goals on a diet and exercise programme blame all sorts of other things for their lack of success, but the real issue is that they NEVER STARTED to begin with.

The pattern looks like this:

  • Spend weeks looking for a programme
  • Talk to everyone you can think of for advice and receive conflicting opinions from all and sundry
  • Choose an option that isn’t actually any particular programme but rather a vague combo of various plans
  • Become overwhelmed at how tough it’ll be to track it all
  • Get discouraged and believe that maybe the whole thing is not going to work out
  • Ditch the idea completely and continue being discontented with your body.

Sound familiar?

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People who follow this pattern might THINK that they made significant changes to their habits while doing all of the above (they didn’t), they may even SAY they gave the diet a fair shot at working (they didn’t).

What is the key?

We all know that anything we undertake that requires hard work also needs a positive attitude if it’s going to succeed. And that’s exactly the issue – most people ‘begin’ their diet believing all sorts of negative things, from the belief that they simply can’t lose weight, to the idea that the plan is not a good one. This type of internal dialogue is NOT helpful, because when things start getting tough, the easiest thing to do is simply to retreat if you’re already so negative anyway.

So the first step to changing your body is changing your mind.

Get a programme, believe in it, believe in yourself, and then DO THE PROGRAMME as it is written (NO CHANGES). If you follow the programme for twelve weeks and nothing good comes of it, then you can do a different one. But until 84 days have passed you don’t get to complain, and you certainly don’t get to stop trying.

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