Mshoza has had a turbulent year in her love life but with the sun setting on 2018, it looks as if she has found a man worth settling down for: Bafana Bafana defender, Anele Ngcongca

In a year that’s seen Mshoza’s dirty laundry shared publicly (and her literal laundry burned publicly), she will be pleased to have found herself a man whose job it is to keep clean sheets. In an exclusive interview with Drum magazine, Mshoza opened up about her new romance and was gushing with happiness.

Mshoza’s year began on what appeared to be a happy note. She was newly married to her husband and all signs seemed to indicate that they were on the right track. Within months, however, that marriage turned sour and reports of abuse began to surface. At one point, Mshoza had to flee her marital home for the sake of her own safety.

After taking the appropriate time to find herself and heal from the damage of the toxic relationship, Mshoza has decided that she’s ready to start dating again

Speaking to Drum, she revealed why she thinks Anele is the man she’s been waiting for all along: “I’ve found someone who’s respectful, someone who’s humble and not complicated. I’ve finally found someone I can be comfortable around. A person who accepts me for who I am, the introvert I am.” With Anele, the singer says she is “not forced to go out”.

Although the relationship is fairly new, Mshoza revealed that they have already introduced one another to each other’s children:

“We’re at a very early stage in the relationship but I love his daughter and he loves my kids. That part we’re still learning. We’re trying to get to know each other better as a couple and we do consider our children. We also respect the other parents.”

Meanwhile Anele is also head over heels in love and has admitted to finding the kind of love he’s been looking for all along:

“She’s giving me something I was missing in a relationship, which is love and respect,”

Do you think Mshoza has finally found herself a loving and lasting relationship?