Whether they’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, here are three gift ideas for the gardeners among your friends and family…

1. New gardeners

For the friend or family member who recently acquired a garden or someone who wants to spend more time in the garden, give them a garden essentials kit to help them get started.

Garden Master, a leading gardening brand in South Africa, recommends stocking a beginner kit with a garden spade, a hand rake, and a garden hose or watering can. Finish it off with compost or potting mix and aromatic flowers or herb seeds, which make for an easy introduction to gardening.

2. Eco-friendly gardeners

You can’t go wrong with your green, nature-loving friends by giving them indigenous plants, which attract bees and require less maintenance and water.

You could give them seeds for plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables, as well as the 12 Pod Universal Seed Starter Kit to help the seedlings flourish.

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3. Glamorous gardeners

Playing in the dirt doesn’t have to ruin a good manicure.

Gift the glam gardener you know with durable gloves, hand-cream and pretty gardening accessories, like decorative fencing, to help them keep their garden looking as stylish as they do.