It goes without saying that the new year always brings with it a range of new trends – and we all know how much the beauty world loves a new trend!

We love the chance to try out some new looks and products, and we love a fresh new rush of inspiration to get our creative juices flowing. Just remember: these trends generally come straight off the runway, so you’re going to need to tweak and tailor them to suit normal day-to-day life.

Here are some of our favourite beauty trends for 2019…

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Turn around, bright eyes…

 After a few years of minimal, subtle or bronze and gold shades on the eyes, it’s time to let out your inner child and embrace the more-is-more ideal. Bright neon shades made a splash on just about all the runways in the run-up to 2019, with anything from green eyeliner and hot-pink mascara to orange and blue eyeshadow trending. 2019 is definitely about having fun with your make-up looks.

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Embrace the heat

Following the rising temperatures, beauty trends for 2019 are set to make things a bit easier for us, with sun-kissed and glowing skin and wind-swept, just-showered hair being all the rage.

Known as ‘heatwave beauty’, this is all about natural, warm tones that make it look like you’ve just stepped off the beach… which is perfect, since this is true for many of us in January! No beach? No problem! Simply get out that bronzer, sea-salt spray and shimmery bronze make-up and fake it.

All that glitters

Love it or hate it, glitter make-up isn’t going anywhere just yet! Glitter eyeshadow is still going to be trending up a storm and so is making a hair statement with glitter – for those of us who are brave enough.

The trend has evolved slightly, coming out in more jewel tones – especially emerald – and is even set to make appearances with foil finishes on the likes of lips and eyes.

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Mellow yellow

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that yellow make-up has been slowly sneaking into our lives. From nails to eyes, and even cheeks, yellow will certainly be around in a big way in 2019.

Yellow can be a tricky make-up colour to master, so be sure to play around with various shades to find the one that best suits your skin tone; you don’t want to look ill, but rather bright and beautiful.

Heavenly hair

 Those grey and light pink washes are not going anywhere in 2019, but both are getting a bit of a smokey make-over, giving the colours a slightly more grown-up look.

And if colourful hair is your thing, balayage techniques will be seen with all sorts of colourful tips, so let your imagination run wild. For those wanting to stay more natural, make sure your hair looks ultra-glossy to stay on-trend.

Nutty nails

 Nail art will still be trending up a storm, with an added twist of nail jewellery. Yip, if loads of accessories is part of your look, add a little jewel or two to dangle off of the tip of your nail. If this sounds a bit OTT for you, just stick to the fab nail art you’ve been getting.