We all know that the bees who are so vital to pollinating our flowers and food are in short supply – but what can you do to help? Try a few of these simple tips in your garden to turn it into a bee-friendly paradise, and help bolster their dwindling populations one bee at a time…

Build a bee hotel

Not all bees live in hives. Many of the important pollinators live solitary lives. Pack an old birdhouse with some bamboo logs, and remove the front (replace it with some chicken mesh) if you want to invite them to take up home somewhere convenient.

Check your pest control

Many of the more common garden pesticides attack all insects indiscriminately. Opt for organic solutions, or pick your purchases carefully, to avoid accidentally killing off your pollinators.

Leave your puddles

Many small critters – including bees and butterflies – use muddy puddles to harvest nesting material or grab a quick drink. You can also add a few rocks and twigs to a shallow birdbath to help them get water for bathing and drinking.

Make a rock garden

Surprisingly, many small insects can’t fly when their body temperature is too low. By adding a few boulders to the garden, you can not only make it a beautiful feature, but give them the perfect sunning spot for cold mornings.

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Invite wanted insects like our bee friends into your garden, and see the improvement in your gorgeous blooms this summer.