Tips and tricks to achieve salon-worthy results

I’m not a ‘DIY’ type of girl, I’m more of a ‘spend the whole day being pampered in the salon’ kind of brat girl! But, life is becoming more and more expensive, and my ever-increasing food bill means that I’m having to make cuts to other expenses, like my hair.

Luckily, box hair dye has come a long way – and it’s totally achievable to get that professional, salon look at home – if (and it’s in bold for a reason), you’re looking to touch up your roots, cover pesky grey hairs or make a subtle change. Big moves, like transforming your locks from dark to platinum is best left to a qualified hair stylist.

All you need is the right product, some old, raggedy clothes and a chunk of time (oh, and patience!).

Here are seven tips and tricks to nailing a DIY hair colour, courtesy of Schwarzkopf:

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Tips and tricks for dyeing your hair at home

1. Subtle changes, not big moves

Always only colour two shades lighter or darker when DIYing it.

2. Be prepared

Arrange all hair colouring tools and ingredients within easy reach and don’t forget the timer. Wear your most raggedy T-shirt and put on the gloves included with the colouring treatment.

3. Instructions are there to be followed

Apply the colour to your hair according to the instructions. Be sure to check whether the colour should be applied to dry or damp hair…

4. Colour not what you thought?

Residual hair colour from previous hair colourings may cause the resulting hair colour to deviate from the advertised colour on the package. If your colour has turned out to be too ash-coloured or grayish, simply use a tinting treatment or a colour shampoo to add a reddish or golden nuance.

5. That’s what friends are for!

For the result to be just as even on the back of your head, ask your bestie to give you a hand!

6. Prevent stains

To protect from colour stains, put some facial oil on your face just about where your roots start, over the tips of your ears and place a towel around your shoulders!

7. Make sure you have enough

If you have shoulder-length or longer hair – or even just thick hair, Schwarzkopf recommends that you use two boxes of colouring product to ensure an even result.

Remember that colour-treated hair needs special care, so be sure to use salon-quality shampoos and conditioners so that your hair colour retains its lustre and stays healthy!

Schwarzkopf is the industry’s trend-setter for creativity and style as well as consistent and superior innovation. For more, visit their website.