So, we’ve taught them to wash their hands, and to cover their noses when they sneeze. And that’s important, but that’s not all they need to know about health and keeping safe…

As we embark on a new year, it’s time to make sure our kids are safe and healthy in every way possible – and it’s up to us as parents to make sure it happens. So take some tips from the experts and make 2019 a fabulous year, at school and out!

Safety first!

Keep your kids safe at all times!

Don’t go near strangers

That means no talking to them, leaving with them or taking things from them at any time! While you don’t want to scare your children, sadly the reality is they need to know that strange people can be dangerous

Trust your instincts

They must learn to trust their instincts. If something looks or feels wrong, it probably is.

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Use a buddy system

They must never go anywhere alone. If they need to walk somewhere or get something, they need to have a friend with them – and this goes for older kids, too.

Report suspicious activity

Should they see or hear something which doesn’t sound right, they should immediately call an adult – teacher, parent, whoever is around to help them.

They must know your name, number and address

Teach your kids your full name, cellphone number and address in case of an an emergency. Explain then that they shouldn’t give this out to strangers, but they need to pass on the information in an emergency.

Playing with fire is dangerous

Whether at home or at school, they should know that playing or experimenting with fire is a no-no! Explain the dangers of fire and that it is absolutely not allowed at any given time.

No one can touch them

This is probably one of the most important, so make sure it goes in deep. No one is allowed to touch their bodies except for mommy and daddy. And if anyone does they need to tell you immediately.

Secrets are not allowed

Should anyone want to say or do something that is a ‘secret’, your child must know that that information needs to be passed on to you. There is no such thing as secrets between them and other adults – even adults they know.

If they get lost, they must stay put

Tell your kids to stay where they are if they ever get lost and get someone to contact you if possible.

If it’s uncomfortable, it’s a NO!

They should never be put in an uncomfortable situation. If they don’t feel safe or comfortable with someone or with their surroundings, they need to say no. Never force a child to hug or play with anyone either.

Bike safety tips

Going for a bike ride can be fun and great for their mental and physical health, but there are some key tips to bear in mind. Make sure you select the right bike for their body size; make sure they have comfortable shoes on – and that their laces are tied; put them in bright clothes if going on the road; make sure the bikes brakes are working before getting onto the bike; and never let children – even teenagers – ride alone in the streets.

Car safety tips

Whether your kids are strapped up in a car seat, or big enough to sit in front with their seatbelt on, make sure that they understand the dangers of the road, and how important car safety is. Make sure that they always fasten their seatbelt before you pull off; make sure a car seat for an infant or toddler is secured correctly; keep doors locked; and don’t let them hang their heads out of the window.