2018 could soon be dubbed the year Bonang Matheba clapped back

The media personality has hit back at her haters left, right and centre all year.

You would think that internet trolls would have learned by now that Queen B is not one to be messed with.

One Twitter user was brave enough to drag the 31-year-old for mispronouncing a word during the recent Global Citizen Festival in Johannesburg.

As one of the country’s biggest MCs, Bonang was naturally asked to co-host the prestigious event.

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While everyone was praising South Arica’s media darling for killing it on stage, one Twitter user decided to throw some shade – three days after the festival nogal!

“so @bonang_m literally said “editation” in attempts to say “education” the irony in getting her to talk on education is mind dribbling. hahahaha and we all just pretended it didn’t happen. Hahaha,” he wrote.

Interestingly, Bonang immediately corrected herself on stage.

But that was not enough for the English police.

Queen B saw the shady tweet and responded with a stinging clapback

“Lol!! Under achievers. Tweeting from outside the club…”

It’s not the first time Bonang has taken a shot at “under achievers” who tried to make fun of her talent.

“No one masters the art of being a hater better than an under achiever,” she tweeted in 2012.

“You underachievers are so exhausting. LMAO!!” she tweeted in 2015 after an internet user made fun of the fact that she did not get a retweet from a famous star she mentioned in a post.

Bonang slammed another “under achiever” in 2017.

“Don’t argue with underachievers. Block. Move on,” she wrote.

In the words of the other Queen B (Beyoncé): “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.”

And Bonang is laughing all the way to the bank despite all the hate!