Far out-tasting any store-bought equivalent, homemade whipped cream has a heavenly feel that lends itself to the holiday season.

Don’t think you’ll need to spend hours slaving over a whisk to create the perfect fluffy mix, either- we’re here, as always, with the life-simplifying tips you need…

It all starts with the bowl

Bear in mind that your cream will just about double in size, and make sure your bowl is big enough to contain any splatters too. We firmly recommend a metal bowl for the extra chill.

The colder and heavier the better

The true secret to delectable, fast whipped cream is keeping everything cold. Start your cream and your bowl off in the fridge, or take it to the next level and pop the whisk and bowl in the freezer for ten to twenty minutes beforehand.

You’ll want a heavy cream for the best results – while it’s a little more fattening than skim or light cream, it’s that same fat content that will get you the results you want.

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The secret ‘recipe’

Alongside your cream, have some powdered sugar on hand, plus any flavours you want to add.

You’re not going to add this from the start, however. Throw the sugar in when the cream is thickened up but still spoonable – you shouldn’t be getting peaks yet – and the flavour right at the end to avoid ‘deflating’ your cream too much.

We recommend a hand whisk for best results as it gives you complete control over the process and prevents you over-whipping the cream, which sadly cannot be salvaged. It can, however, make some delicious buttermilk if it happens to you.

If you need to store the cream ahead of a function, or if it’s very hot outside, add a little liquid gelatine, mascarpone cheese or cream cheese once you reach the ‘soft peaks’ stage of whipping. (½ Cup of cheese, or a 1:3 gelatine ration, will help keep it peaked and ready to use.)

All you need to do now is get whipping!

The cream will slowly progress from thicker cream to soft peaks to firmer ones, and you’re free to stop any time after the ‘soft peak’ stage according to your tastes.

Whipped cream needn’t be another difficult chore with these simple tweaks and tricks – just a fluffy, heavenly addition to any dessert you serve this festive season.