Are you hoping to keep your home a healthy, toxin-free environment? While some standard household cleaners are perfectly safe, others should be handled with care. Fortunately, we have some quick tips to help you decide…

Inspect your all-purpose cleaner carefully

Some scary chemicals are used in certain all-purpose cleaner blends, even those labelled ‘green’. Watch out for 2-butoxyethanol, formaldehyde and alcohol ethoxylate surfactants on the ingredient list, and say no to these EU-banned chemicals if you find them.

Treat your oven cleaner with care (or try a DIY solution)

Many commercial microwave and oven cleaners are packed with chemicals that can irritate your skin and delicate mucous membranes. Choose your brand very carefully and always use in a ventilated space – or ditch the chemicals altogether and rely on the fat-busting combo of dish soap, citrus oils and salt with a soft scrubbing brush. It will be just as easy to use and much safer – plus it smells great too!

Dump the mildew spray altogether

Commercial mildew fighters tend to be more of a health-disaster then the mould they claim to bust. Even a dilute spray-on bleach combo would be safer, and that should be handled with care. Family-friendly alternatives include hydrogen peroxide in 3% solution, vinegar and antibacterial tea tree instead.

Do you have any of these dangerous chemicals lurking in your home? Consider ditching them all together, and make your cleaning pantry effective and safe for the family.

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