South African celebrities are not happy with Johann Rupert. Heck, South Africans in general are not happy with Johann Rupert, following the comments he made during his Power FM interview

The billionaire was interviewed by MSG Afrika CEO, Given Mkhari, on the station and although they expected this interview to reach the masses, neither of them expected the overwhelming backlash that their conversation has received in the days since airing.

Among many controversial comments, South Africans (read, ‘black Twitter’!) have taken exception to his suggestion that material pleasures are the cause of black financial distress in South Africa.

He began by pointing out that when his generation of Afrikaans peers was rising out of financial difficulty, they were conservative with their money. But it was the nature in which he compared his generation to modern black people which struck the wrong note: “They didn’t go and buy BMWs and hang around at Taboo and The Sands all the time, okay?”

Rupert later confirmed that he did not mean to single out people of any race, but was instead referring to modern day South Africans.

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Despite this clarification, many South Africans were not impressed with his comments (both these and the comments made during the rest of his interview) – not least of all some of our stars who represent the new affluent generation with which he was taking exception.

Many people have also slammed Given Mkhari for giving Rupert the platform to air his views, which have been interpreted as ‘racist’ by many listeners.

The BMW/Taboo comments trended, but other tidbits from the interview offended the masses – including Rupert’s use of the tribalist slur, “Shangaan”

Did you listen to #RupertOnPower? Do you understand the reason why many South Africans are upset?