Last updated on Jul 7th, 2020 at 02:46 pm

By Arnold Jardim, Dezign A Door managing director

Kitchens tend to be the centrepieces of homes: it’s the room where we entertain guests, prepare meals and share drinks and good stories.

If you are traditional and think you are not a trend person (and don’t want to follow the wave of popular opinion), it’s worth considering that, just because it’s trending, doesn’t mean it can’t be timeless.

Although in some cases decorating according to the trends can be dangerous, when it comes to kitchens, trends are a little different. If you miss a step you’ll start to date your house by five to 10 years.

So whether you are renovating or refreshing a tired look, these are just a few of the predictable trends that kitchen cabinetry company, Dezign A Door has compiled, and from which you could draw inspiration:

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Bold colours

Firstly, colour is big in 2019. There’s a move away from white to richer, bolder, intoxicating looks with colours like dark blue, black, deep greens, and dark grey featuring, so consider introducing some distinctive hues. If not on all your cabinets, add accent walls or opt for two tone cabinets – another trend on the rise. Use two complementary tones on the upper and lower cabinets – it adds interest and energy to the room.

Less is more

The slow quiet trend that’s been gaining momentum over the last few years is no upper cabinets. It’s inspired by minimalism and supports those who want their kitchens to appear more open – and as clean as possible. So from a design perspective the new kitchens of 2019 will feature one wall of lower cabinets and countertops, a larger island, and floor-to-ceiling storage in the rest of the space. Storage walls are defined as the modern equivalent of the classic butler’s pantry but updated for today’s smaller spaces.  Bigger islands with built-in storage space is part of this trend.