Taking time out from your responsibilities, rekindling your mojo, and making memories with your partner is a must!

When was the last time that you and your partner had a conversation? And, no, we’re not referring to the one where you briefly hashed out your weekly to-do list in the hallway, or the one over text, where you held a lengthy discussion about why your toddler hasn’t pooped in four days!

We’re talking about a real conversation; one without interrupting kids, a ringing telephone or a nagging to-do list…

It’s easy for the mundane to replace the magic

What with work, household responsibilities and children, it’s no wonder that we sometimes forget to pay (much needed) attention to our partners. We kind of just assume that our relationship and our partner will always be there, when in actual fact, relationships take work – and a lot of it!

Besides showing each other love, kindness and grace each day, we also need to carve out some quality, face-to-face time to reconnect!

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Date night is a must for any relationship!

Now, we know that, at the end of a busy week, the last thing you want to do is find a babysitter, get dolled up and lose out on an early bedtime! But, taking time out from your responsibilities, rekindling your mojo, and making memories with your partner is a must!

Remember when you’re on a ‘date night’, these rules apply:

  1. Put your phone away and pay some undivided attention to your partner. You can instagram your meal, or check the latest sports news in the morning!
  2. Now is not the time to nag, or unpack something that’s been bugging you. Nor is it the time to discuss your child’s progress at school. Keep it light…
  3. Pack on the PDA! Holding hands, embracing and kissing fosters warmth and togetherness – two things a relationship can always use more of.
  4. You’re more likely to relax and ‘let loose’ if you’re doing something you both enjoy.
  5. Once you’ve set a night aside for date night, do not back out. It’s so easy to re-schedule, and before you know it, months have passed and you still haven’t seen that movie, or had that dinner. Your relationship with your spouse should be your number one priority – so treat it like that!

Here are three simple date night ideas PLUS a review if you’re in the mood to go big:

3 Simple date night ideas:

  1. Play a board game, like Monopoly. It’s not about who wins; it’s about the banter and the laughter that being up against your partner provides.
  2. Whip up something in the kitchen together! Whether it’s pizza or something a little more fancy, figuring something our together is great for closeness!
  3. Escape the chug of everyday life and head to a hotel or B&B for the night!

Now, if you’re anything like me, the word ‘hotel’ is synonymous with ‘expensive’ and ‘holiday’. But, with the price of regular date night activities (like movies and restaurant dinners) sky high at the moment, you might as well skip a few date nights, save up and spoil yourselves with a night away at a hotel.

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Wine, dine and slumber in style at the Clico Boutique Hotel

We (my husband and I) were recently invited to spend a night at five-star boutique hotel, Clico (nestled in the heart of Rosebank) and even though the evening was complimentary, it was so worth it, and I would definitely splurge on doing it again!

An intimate sanctuary that combines understated luxury with the comforts of home

Established by Jeanette Schwegman in 2006, Clico is an intimate sanctuary that combines understated luxury with the comforts of home. Our room (one of nine) was trendy, complete with an ultra-modern bathroom and a bed that promised the most comfortable sleep!

Once checked in, we took a stroll to Rosebank Mall (so convenient, and such a breath of fresh air to take a casual walk in the middle of Jozi!), where we treated ourselves to cocktails and a spot of shopping! When we returned, the staff had a table decorated with rose petals waiting for us, and presented us with a menu that would tantalise our taste buds!

There’s something about sharing new experiences that brings people closer together

Without distractions (read: kids and phones) and in the comfortable, semi alfresco atmosphere of the restaurant, my husband and I chatted and laughed over our delicious three-course meal, while sipping on wines perfectly paired to the dishes we had chosen.

Each dish was beautifully prepared and served – and definitely not something you would find in any other run-of-the-mill restaurant! Think tender lamb shoulder with roasted beetroot, butternut and dried olive paper; pork belly with cauli puree and mustard greens and rosewater ice cream, berry granita and granola!

What a treat it was to meet the chef at the end of our meal, who told us more about the hotel and its restaurant, as he took us on a tour of the conferencing venue – a simple touch that made us feel so welcome.

We fell into bed with full tummies and happy hearts – and the best part of all, was that our date night didn’t end at midnight! After a full night’s rest, we shared coffee in bed the next morning, and had the most delicious flap-jack breakfast before heading home.

There’s something about sharing new experiences that brings people closer together. And, ditching the usual distractions and spending a night at the beautiful Clico Boutique Hotel definitely did that for us. We had the opportunity to talk, touch and reconnect in a comfortable, but luxurious setting!

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More about Clico Boutique Hotel

Whether you’re in Johannesburg for business or leisure, part of a conference or looking for a refined meal, Clico welcomes you to take a deep breath and leave your stress behind.

Clico Restaurant is open to the public who, with hotel guests, can enjoy our European style cooking from either a six-course tasting menu, or an à la carte menu. Off-street parking accessible from Jellicoe Avenue allows for easy access to Clico Restaurant.

Eight of nine bedrooms open onto the garden and overlook the pool. One room is wheelchair accessible, and another is pet friendly. Business services include telephones in the rooms and free fibre wifi throughout the establishment as well as scanning and photocopying facilities at reception.

For more information, visit the hotel’s website.