While the feeling of a clean, sparkling home is wonderful, the grind of getting it there can be annoying when you have better things to do with your time. There’s a simple way to tighten up your cleaning time, however- and today we’re sharing it with you…

The key is to work top to bottom in the room. This means getting all your dusting and scrubbing at higher levels completed before you tackle couches and floors. It’s a very simple tweak, but one that will revolutionise the flow as you clean.

Not only does it give you a set pattern to use, which always helps you maintain flow and keep your routine moving along, but it also ensures you get better results with less work- and who doesn’t love that?

The reason is super simple, too. Dusting and vacuuming kick particles up into the air, which will need to settle before it can be swept up for good. The cleaning process will also dislodge crumbs, dust and other nasties, which will fall down to the next surface. You don’t want them landing on a sparkling floor you just cleaned!

Working top-to-bottom ensures you waste no effort while cleaning and helps you develop a solid routine which gets faster with time, so it’s a win-win all around.

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