We are all guilty of skipping some basic cleaning here and there, but there’s a category of tasks we tend to overlook again and again. Do you tackle these three important tasks regularly, or are you guilty as charged?

Cleaning the washing machine

It helps us keep our clothes immaculate, but how often do you remember to give the washing machine a good scrub down too? A clean machine is the secret to hair- and lint-free clothes, and it keeps mould at bay (and your machine running well for longer).

Fortunately, it’s not too intensive a process, either. Give all inside surfaces a wipe down with a wet cloth, clean out the powder residue from the drawer, and then run a hot cycle using plain vinegar in the drawers instead of powder.

Bonus points if you take the time to screw out the filter too!

Scrubbing the shower

Another easily overlooked cleaning task, it’s important to keep mould and grime at bay here. Typically a once-a-month scrub will be enough to keep all surfaces gleaming.

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Unfortunately, this one is going to need you, some spare time, a soft scrubbing brush and a good all-purpose surface cleaner to accomplish, but the good vibes you’ll feel afterwards are well worth it.

Laundering the bed sheets

Ideally, we should be washing our bedding once a week, but chances are it’s more like once a month! While bedding can seem like it doesn’t get dirty easily, remember that we shed skin flakes and oils overnight, and so it’s a good idea to get in the habit of washing bed linen more often.

It’s a good idea to have several sets of pillowcases to swap more regularly during the week, even if you are only washing heavy blankets less often.

How did you score? Are you basking in home pride, or do you need to tighten your cleaning schedule up a little?