Summer days and holiday fun go hand in hand and your hair should complement your holiday vibe – whether you’re the party starter, the relaxed and restful type or somewhere in between.

By Cindy Geduldt, Partners Hair Design Senior Educator and Colour Ambassador

There are so many great hair trends for summer 2018 but I want to talk about colour first and foremost. I just came back from the L’Oréal Pro Hair Fashion Tour in Dubai, where I spent time with the best colourists in the world and here’s what’s hot and happening at the moment:



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Whether you are a natural brunette or wanting to play around with something different, this is the perfect warm shade for summer.

When changing your colour, best gain your stylists advice on what shade is best suited to your hair type and your skin tone – don’t skip this step – your stylist really does know best!

Far too often we’ve had to perform hair rescues (some bordering on miracles) from botched home jobs – save yourself the time and the money and get it right the first time!

When it comes to brunette, one can also add many varying dimensions like golden highlights, or if you prefer, something a bit more on trend – we’re loving the ombre/sombre technique. These styles allow for experimentation with colours that you wouldn’t necessarily choose as an all-over shade. This gives you the freedom to play around without the fear of commitment holding you back.

Consider it your summer fling!



Blondes have various options available with colour. Gone are the days of monotone platinum or golden blonde. Most colour brands offer a range of pastel toners that allow blondes to update their colour without the risk of losing their lighter hair (I prefer working with L’Oréal). Blonde highlights with brunette lowlights offer texture and depth.

Balayage is a great way to add a modern feel to your blonde locks

Your stylist should be well-versed in which tones work best together as well as which placement will work best for your face shape and skin tone. When it comes to balayage, placement of colour is personalised to each individual – which is exactly what makes it so beautiful and popular (brunettes, don’t feel left out – balayage works for you too!).

Bold or contrasting colours


From rainbow hair to combining striking colours like red and black, this option is for the brave and the bold.

This option is not low maintenance as it requires proper home-care to maintain colour vibrance. It’s also essential to use high quality products in order to protect your hair and so rather have it done by a professional. Professional colour also ensures bright, striking colour – we’ve noticed a number of people come into the salon with dull, washed out home jobs.



Be mindful that, no matter what you decide to do this summer, healthy hair is always fashionable

Where possible, schedule an in-salon treatment. This is the best way to ensure that your colour not only remains looking good but that your hair remains in optimal condition for follow up colour services.

Invest and budget for the best possible homecare if you’re not planning on visiting your salon in between colour services. Your stylist will know exactly what will maintain your colour and condition best. Be honest with them – if you’re going away on holiday and won’t be making it to the salon any time soon, let them know so that they can help you keep their masterpiece as shiny and perfect as you can until they see you again.