Madea has become a household name over the years; we’ve agreed with her, been shocked by her and most of the time, just laughed at her.

While millions are heartbroken by the news that her last movie will be released next year – Madea’s creator, Tyler Perry, says it’s time.

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So long Madea

All4Women had a chance to speak to Tyler Perry on his recent visit to South Africa. We asked him about Madea’s 20-year run, and why it will be coming to a sad end with A Madea Family Funeral next year.

Perry answered, “I’ll let you in on a secret; I don’t want to be Madea’s age, playing Madea, I’m almost 50. But you know, Tina Turner retired 50 times, so who knows, Madea might come back again…”, joked the actor, playwright, filmmaker and hilarious comedian.

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A Madea Family Funeral Tyler Perry

It’s the end for Madea, but not for Tyler Perry

While fans may be sad to see their favourite crazy lady go, this is not good-bye to Tyler Perry’s brand of inspirational movies.

“Every time I get onto something, there will always be someone to tell me that I’m on the right path. I’ll never forget how a woman who was planning to commit suicide sent me a note. She told me she was going to kill herself and had her kids choose one thing they wanted to watch; they chose one of my plays and she wrote to tell me that after watching that play, she didn’t want to kill herself anymore. So that tells me I’m on the right path, God’s got my back and I’m doing what I should be doing,” said Tyler, crediting his success to God.

Tyler Perry inspired by South Africa

Overwhelmed by the love and support from his South African fans, Tyler said he was inspired by his visit to South Africa, the love he was shown by fans during his visit and The Global Citizen Festival. “I am just so inspired by the people in South Africa, I can’t wait to see what I write when I get home,” he said.

Tyler also let us in on his future plans, including a story he is currently working on that’s based in South Africa… and may feature some South African talent. It’s not the first time Tyler Perry has praised South African artists; he’s a fan of Trevor Noah and posted a picture on Instagram last year praising his book ‘Born a Crime’.

It may be the end for Madea, but we can look forward to many more years of Tyler Perry’s uplifting work on the screen and on the stage. A Madea Family Funeral will be in cinemas next year, officially marking 20 years of the over-the-top Madea’s antics.

Watch the trailer for A Madea Family Funeral below: