With summer heat roasting us all, chances are your bin may be holding on to smells far longer then you’re happy with. We are here to help, however…

Grab the toilet duck

Toilet cleaners are designed to cling to the side of the toilet bowl effectively, and they sanitise as well as clean. This makes them a great choice for cleaning your bins too, as the cleaner won’t sink to the bottom in a hurry and leave the smelly sides untreated.

We also strongly suggest grabbing a cheap toilet brush to use for scrubbing – you’ll be able to get a good job done without having to get too acquainted with your bin’s interior.

Ward off smells with newspaper

When it’s had a good scrub and rinse, allow the bin to dry out thoroughly and line with some old newspaper. Not only will it sop up spills, but the newspaper itself will absorb scents too. Sprinkle a thick layer of bicarb for extra stink-banishing power.

While emptying the bin will never really be top of your list, this will at least make it a less onerous experience!

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