If your cleaning routine never seems to get anywhere because of your cleaning cloths, there are a few simple areas to consider…

Do you vacuum before you scrub?

If you’re cleaning and scrubbing before you pass a broom or vacuum through the area, then you’re allowing the cloth to pick up all those fine pieces of lint and hair, and re-spread them everywhere else.

Do you rinse before you wash?

Likewise, it’s a good idea to rinse out your cleaning cloths before you throw them in the laundry, to remove hair they have captured. If you are a hair-heavy household with pets, kids and long-haired adults, then pass a silicone hair-removing brush down them, to lift away hair. Remember not to wash with fabric conditioner, either – as with towels, you want to keep your cleaning cloths as absorbent as possible.

Linty cleaning cloths will be a thing of the past with these simple routine tweaks, so why not try them out today?

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