Dame Joan Collins thinks that a “little fly” that often visits her may be the reincarnation of her late sister Jackie Collins

The 85-year-old actress has admitted that, while she’s still undecided about whether or not she truly believes in the concept of reincarnation, she often wonders whether the fly is her sister, who died of breast cancer in 2015.

She confessed: “Do you believe that little flies or butterflies or something can be old souls, people that you knew? I have this little fly that comes near me all the time. It’s really strange.”

Asked who she thinks the fly might be, Joan told the Observer newspaper: “I think it might be my sister. I know that sounds weird, and I don’t know whether I believe in the afterlife or not.

“My opinion is still out to lunch about that, but it is weird that wherever I go, at least two or three times a week – wherever I am, France, London, here – this little fly comes. Now maybe it’s because the fruit’s rotting in the kitchen!

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“I don’t know. But anyway…”

Although Joan and Jackie had a tense relationship at times, they were also very close for “many years”

In fact, Joan claims that her sister “worshipped” her in a lot of ways.

She shared: “You know, like sisters, we all have our problems, which the press loved to exacerbate, or exaggerate.

“But I mean, she was the closest person to me for many years and with me being the older sister she kind of worshipped me in a way.”

Jackie kept her cancer diagnosis secret from almost all her friends and family, and Joan acknowledges that her sister’s secretiveness was because she wanted to avoid “pity”.

She explained: “Thank God she didn’t tell me. I mean, I wish she had. But she didn’t want pity, and that’s what happens.”

Author: BANG Showbiz