Nuvida FertilityBlend is a natural health supplement for assisting with optimizing fertility health in men and women, to assist in conceiving a baby naturally.

Nuvida FertilityBlend® for men and women: the herbal treatment for infertility

In 2003 ,childless couple Laura Murphy and her husband participated in clinical trials for FertilityBlend®, a new herbal supplement designed to enhance fertility in both men and women, undertaken by Stanford University in the USA.

Rapidly approaching 40 at the time, Laura had been diagnosed as infertile by doctors, who concluded that she was unlikely to ever conceive and if she did, she only had a 15% chance of carrying a baby to term.

In Stanford’s study, published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine in November 2004, a third of the women taking the FertilityBlend® supplement were pregnant after five months, while none of the women taking the placebo had conceived.

Can herbs help infertility?

“Some women simply don’t need aggressive treatment,” said Lynn Westphal, assistant professor at Stanford’s University.

Depending on the cause of infertility, when herbs are prescribed in the right proportions, they can help couples to optimize their chances of conceiving naturally.

She suggests that using nutritional supplements are the least invasive, best tolerated and most affordable option available to struggling couples

One of the women who fell pregnant only one month after after participating in the study-trial, was Laura! Not only did Laura carry her baby to term without any problems, the couple conceived their second baby one year later after just taking FertilityBlend® for one month!

The Professor’s from Stanford University who undertook the clinical studies on FertilityBlend were surprised by the good improvements shown in women with Endometriosis, Pcos and cysts. Women not trying to fall pregnant can also use FertilityBlend for hormonal imbalances, PMS and menstrual cycle problems.

FertilityBlend® is distributed in South Africa by Nuvida, and is carefully formulated to optimise the chances of conception

• 33% of women in the trial conceived using FertilityBlend*

* Published studies undertaken by Stanford University & published in four U.S. medical journals

• US patented formula

• The natural fertility supplement

• Featured in huge South African & US TV, Radio & Media: Sunday Tribune, Your Pregnancy & Oprah

• Best results achieved when used by both partners for a 3-6 month period.

Nuvida FertilityBlend for Men and Women costs R385 each.

Special: Buy 3 get 1 free: Available directly from Nuvida.

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