A convicted murderer has refused to co-operate with instructions from a High Court judge, who asked her to reveal the names of the “children” who spoke through a possessed Cecilia Steyn – one of the alleged Krugersdorp killers

Marinda Steyn was being cross-examined before Judge Jacob Francis in the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg.

She said Cecilia Steyn had “little ones” that came out of her mouth.

“The children would come out once we were alone together. Cecilia would speak in different voices like a child. She would call me Rinda instead of Marinda. I know the names of those children and don’t want to tell them. They can hear us,” she said.

Francis asked her to reveal the names of the children: “Remember, you are under oath. Trust us, they are not here. I promise you, nothing will happen here. We will deal with them when they are here.”

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The judge warned her that it was up to her to answer questions, but that he would decide whether to accept her evidence or not.

However, she wouldn’t answer: “I am sorry I won’t reveal their names.”

Marinda Steyn has been on the stand since Wednesday, testifying on behalf of Cecilia Steyn.

She testified earlier that her father didn’t approve of her relationship with Cecilia Steyn and even called them witches.

The court also heard about numerous tattoos which the witness had all over her body.

She explained that some of the tattoos represented Jesus, fear, a vampire woman, a snow wolf, a wolf, bats flying away from witches, vampire chronicles, and a sword dividing her back.

She said tattoos covering her left arm represented the “light side” and it was accompanied by biblical symbols. The right arm represented the “dark side” and it had symbols associated with the devil.

But the witness refused to reveal the rest of her tattoos while there were cameras in court because she didn’t want the whole nation to see them.

Not guilty plea

The former school teacher is currently serving 11 life terms and 115 years in jail. Her son, Le Roux Steyn, turned State witness and is currently serving an effective 25 years in jail. The two were sentenced separately in May.

Her daughter, Marcel Steyn, 20, together with Zak Valentine, 33 and Cecilia Steyn have pleaded not guilty to a string of charges, including 11 counts of murder. The three were a part of five so-called Krugersdorp killers dubbed “Electus per Deus” (Chosen by God), who allegedly committed 11 murders between 2012 and 2016.

Witness torn apart

Marinda Steyn testified on Wednesday that she and Cecilia Steyn were devoted Christians, despite the testimony of others that they were ringleaders of a Satanic cult.

She failed to respond when advocate Amanda Nel, who is representing Valentine, put to her that there were signs of involvement in Satanism.

But she said: “I deny any knowledge of any Satanic connections. I was not involved with witches.”

The witness has implicated Valentine as someone who played a major role in some of the Krugersdorp killings.

Nel said she was falsely implicating Valentine in all the offences and that her evidence was contradictory.

The witness also refused to comment on claims that, in her diary, she said she wanted all her money to be donated to the “Electus per Deus” ministry and her ashes to be flushed down a toilet.

She also struggled to say why she nominated Cecilia Steyn as the main beneficiary of her will when she had children of her own.

Instead, she said she trusted Cecilia Steyn to look after Marcel if she was arrested or in the event that something happened to her.

Author: News24.com