Tin foil, or ‘aluminium foil’, is a versatile kitchen helper that should have top-shelf priority in your kitchen. Its usefulness goes beyond there, however – and today we’ll prove it…

Braai packets

From producing the best roast potatoes, ensuring picky eaters can customise their food as they need, right through to allowing you to make scrumptious braai desserts, aluminium foil prevents mess and ensures even cooking.

Keep moisture out

If you aren’t keen on using plastic wrap in the fridge, tin foil is a great way to keep bread, sandwiches and leftovers free of moisture and ready to enjoy.

Make clean-up easier

It’s cheating – but we all need our cheat days! Wrap a plate to make clean-up easier, or use to line oven drip trays and other bakeware for a no-frills, no-fuss cleaning session at the end.

Clean silverware

You can make your own silverware cleaner by lining a bowl with foil, filling it with boiling water, and adding a spoon of bleach-free powder laundry detergent. Let your items soak for a minute before rinsing well and polishing. Storing your silverware on foil will also help reduce tarnish.

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Remove starch build up

‘Iron’ a foil sheet to remove starchy build-up from your iron.