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The NutriBullet remains one of the most exciting and successful product launches of the last decade. Sales of the revolutionary device have passed the 200 000 mark locally (and are approaching 30 million worldwide)

Now the most recent addition to the family, the gorgeously-styled Baby Bullet, is proving to be just as popular.

The Baby Bullet is not just a mini NutriBullet – it’s another entirely unique offering

It’s an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean blender that’s made specifically for the preparation and storage of baby foods.

The Baby Bullet was developed to cater for the manic lifestyle associated with new parenting and for those who want only the best for their little ones. This high-quality lifestyle appliance allows the effortless creation of delicious, healthy and nutritious baby food in seconds while simplifying the storing thereof – making it the must-have accessory for new moms and dads.

With the Baby Bullet, it’s easy to make either individual meals, or to create up to six portions at a time; each of which can be stored in sealable, date-dialled individual cups that can then be refrigerated (or frozen).

With a minimum of effort, and a fair amount of fun, parents can ensure that their babies get the best possible diet, starting right after weaning.

The perfect gift for all new or expecting parents

The 22-piece NutriBullet Baby Bullet set is the perfect gift for all new parents or those expecting – ideal for little ones ranging from six months to three years old as they adjust to solid foods.

The recommended retail selling price for the Baby Bullet is R1 599 and it comes with a 1-year warranty.
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22-piece set includes:

  • Compact, high torque power base
  • Blender blade to purée foods to the perfect consistency
  • Milling blade to make rice flour or rice cereal from grains
  • Batch bowl for mixing larger quantities of baby food
  • 2 short cups to make smaller quantities of baby food
  • 2 stay-fresh lids to fit on to the short cups for easy storage and travel
  • Set of 6 date-dial cups to store your food in so you know exactly how fresh it is
  • Tip proof tray to hold 6 date-dial cups upright
  • 2 silicone trays with lids to store and freeze individual portions
  • Baby spatula
  • Easy-to-follow user manual and cookbook
  • Pocket nutritionist food information guide

Power: 200W
Batch bowl capacity: 946ml
Short cup capacity: 354ml
Storage cup capacity: 60ml

Care Instructions

Hand wash any of the pieces (except for the power base) with warm soapy water and rinse
To clean the power base, unplug the unit and use a damp cloth to wipe off any food particles

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