Last updated on Jul 7th, 2020 at 02:54 pm

Regardless of how empty you may feel, this is a joyous time…

You really hoped that, this year, your baby would be here by Christmas. And again, you’re getting closer to Christmas and it’s just the same…

No baby.

The only present you want this year, is the one that Father Christmas won’t be able to give to you.

Christmas decorations are out, the malls are bustling, and families are beginning to come together to celebrate the festive season.

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How are you going to survive?

“Your baby is coming”

This mantra or another similar one, will hold you up and support your weary, battered heart as you wade your way through this festive season. Lean heavily on these words. Put it on permanent repeat in your head, if you have to.

Did you know that one in six couples of reproductive age have a fertility problem?

Regardless of how empty you may feel, this is a joyous time. A time of love, tradition and togetherness. Take that part of Christmas, add your new mantra, and know that you will survive.

Don’t look back on this year’s Christmas with regret – rather celebrate with and cherish the loved ones that you have in your life at present, and who may not be with you in the future.

Your baby is on its way!

Good luck! And remember, you are not alone.

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Article by Cathy Raubenheimer