When you think of grocery items, you probably don’t imagine using them to clean with. Yet lurking on your pantry shelves is a whole bunch of cleaning power you probably don’t know about…

Potatoes can banish rust

Potatoes are a great source of oxalic acid, which is a rust-fighting powerhouse. If your taps or surfaces need a little brightening, simply halve a raw potato, dip the skinless side into some bicarb, and rub well into the metal surface to lift away rust.

Tomato sauce will brighten tarnish

If it’s your copper or silver that’s looking a bit dingy, swap out the potato for some tomato sauce. Rub in, leave to work for a few minutes, and clean away- the tarnish will lift right off.

Mayonnaise or Brazil nuts can hide marks on wood

Rich in natural oils, both mayo (for cup rings and other ‘flat’ marks) and Brazil nuts (for deeper scratches) can be a saviour for your wood. Rub in gently and wipe away.

Banana skins will rejuvenate your leather

Simply buff the surface with the peel of your banana to restore lustre and shine

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Coffee and Coca-Cola aren’t just drinks anymore

An open container of coffee grounds will banish unpleasant odours from the back of your fridge, while you can use cola (or vinegar) to help remove ugly limescale marks from your toilet bowl by pouring it in, allowing it to sit and flushing the marks away.

Were you surprised how useful these common food items can be around the house? We were!