No one wants to take a shower in a mouldy, unpleasant environment. While we tend to be hyper-vigilant about ensuring our tiles and shower floor are sparkling, it’s easy to neglect the glass doors as a seemingly impossible job. Not with this nifty trick, though!

Obviously, for best results, you’ll need to start with clean glass. While scraping scum off manually is a little tedious, hang in there! A ‘magic eraser’ or old razor blade can help bunches, as can careful use of a glass scraper (find them at your local hardware store).

Use an old toothbrush in the tracks for maximum cleanliness, and give everything a good rinse in clean water.

Once your doors are dry and dazzling, it’s time to get serious

Make the switch from traditional bar soap to liquid soaps – it will prevent scum formation

You’ll only need one product – and you’re going to head to the car care aisle for this one.

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Look for a ‘rain dispersant’ product: C-thru is a great local brand.

Now you’ll want to coat your shower doors liberally according to the packaging instructions, and allow to dry.

The next time you head to the shower to destress, you’ll be able to relax even more watching the water bead off the glass instead of lingering to cause streaks and mould.

Take your scum-busting game to the next level, and make the switch from traditional bar soap to liquid soaps today – it will prevent scum formation and keep your workload lower.

Enjoy a carefree shower with peace of mind and tranquil surroundings, mould- and scum-free!