What is the deal with ugly fashion? People are gravitating towards more outrageous and, let’s be honest, downright ugly fashion, changing fashion and beauty standards and setting the tone for a new era in fashion.

For centuries women (and men) have put their bodies and their health on the line to meet the fashion and beauty standards of the time.

Bu not millennials. Breaking with all convention, the trendiest trend today is to stay away from trends completely – it’s so ironic it should be on a t-shirt.

Ugly fashion is an attitude

While celebrity culture has always been based on the approval of the masses, celebrities and fashionistas across the globe are disregarding the fashionable in favour of the avant-garde – using fashion to express themselves rather than as a way to look more attractive.

Ugly fashion is about wearing what you want when you want and throwing beauty standards and fashion trends out the window.

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The stars of ugly fashion

We’ve learned a few things from how these stars wear their ugly fashion so proudly we have no choice but to love them for it.

1. Rikhado ‘Riky Rick’ Makhado 

ugly fashion, Riky Rick

No South African celebrity has done ugly fashion as well as Hip-Hop artist and model Riky Rick whose unexpected fashion sense has floored some and inspired a few to take more risks with their outfit choices.

2. Rihanna

Rihanna does her own thing; from her dance moves to her singing style, the ‘Wild thoughts’ songstress does her own thing and doesn’t seem to care whether she’s starting trends or becoming the punchline of jokes because of her wild-wild fashion sense.

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3. Kim and Kanye West


yeezy, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, ugly fashion

Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian have done some pretty strange things but the Yeezy collection has got to be the strangest. The fashion collection features odd, ugly and outrageously priced items that sell like hotcakes.

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4. Crocs

crocs , post Malone, ugly fashion, wacky fashion, trends, fashion

Strictly speaking, the Crocs brand is not a ‘celeb’, but no ugly fashion list would be complete without them. On their own, Crocs are strange looking shoes, but the comfort and orthopaedic benefits more than make up for their style shortcomings. With the advent of ugly fashion though, Crocs are starting to top style lists and appear on catwalks and runways around the world.

In fact, when rapper Post Malone and Crocs released a shoe together, fans bought up the entire stock of limited edition Crocs in hours! The combination of Post Malone’s wacky sense of style and the strange bulkiness (and famed comfort) of Crocs is an ugly fashion combination that can’t be beat.

5. Somizi MhlongoSomizi, idols, fashion, celebrity fashion, trends, ugly fashion

The sparkles, the fur, the capes and all that colour is almost too much, but this is Somizi and he does what he likes and we love it. Pioneering ugly fashion before it was even a thing, Somizi has been dancing to the beat of his own drum for so long that he rarely shocks us, although he does often thrill us.