You can make your own water solar-powered water feature – no electricity needed

Gone are the days where you needed complicated electric wiring – and a contractor’s certificate – to give your garden some extra pizzazz. With the advent of simple solar-powered fountain pumps, you can add a graceful little water feature to any corner of the garden you could want…

  • All you will need is a solid interior for your fountain – something like a 10-litre dishwashing basin can easily be used – and then your decoration. A few pavers, some decorative rocks and maybe a water-loving plant or two is all you would need.
  • Dig out the space you wish to create your water fountain in, and sink the basin so that it’s level with the ground.
  • Now you’ll want to install your pump – most will be very easy, simply consisting of a discrete solar panel and a wire connecting it to the 12v pump.
  • Once it’s solidly placed in its new home, add some decorative rocks to the base to add interest and keep the pump stable, and your plants if you choose.
  • Then simply mask the edges of the installed basin with your pavers – and some more rocks if you’d like a more natural look – and you’re done!

Give the garden some extra flair this festive season, and add some soothing water flow to that unused space.