Being organised will help you manage the day-to-day chaos

Work! Relationships! Me-time! Exercise! For the modern woman, the ‘juggle is real’, as we try to achieve some form of work-life balance.

Throw wedding planning into the mix, and that balance can quickly be thrown off.

Don’t get us wrong, planning a wedding is exciting. But, as the big day draws near, things can become a bit chaotic and overwhelming – a feeling popular radio personality, Lindy Hibbard is quite familiar with. “On top of planning my own wedding, I had to make sure that I still gave 100% at work, while staying fit and healthy to look my best on one of the most important days of my life!”.

Lindy recently married her Finnish sweetheart in the enchanted forests of Caledon, and credits staying organised as what helped her manage the day-to-day chaos!

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She shares her five tips to balance it all when planning a dream wedding:

1. Go old-school and write it all down

Some people prefer to have their diaries on their phone but, call me old-school, I like to see all my appointments written on a big, desk calendar. Seeing it all written out gives me a good idea of what the coming week or month looks like.

Aside from jotting down work meetings, I marked my dress fitting times on my desk calendar, as well as which classes I’d like to attend at the gym.

It’s quite satisfying to draw a line through those completed tasks!

2. Let go of the mental weight

Lindy Hibbard married her fiancé Peter Lehto on Saturday, 10 November 2018 in the enchanted forests of Caledon at Die Woud with 100 of their closest friends and family.

I also used a physical wedding planner diary and app to keep track of the never ending to-dos which helped me ‘let go’ of some of the mental weight.

3. Share the load

I added events to a shared calendar so that my fiancé could easily see what was on the agenda – which enabled him to help out and share the load where he could!

4. Lean on your family

Family can be a huge help! My mom was amazing with collecting things for me, such as the bridesmaid dresses, if I had to stay late at work.

Your family is just as excited as you are about your big day, so lean on them – they want to help!

5. Supplement for extra energy!

Even if you have it all written down and an extra pair of hands to share the load with, there are days where juggling it all will feel a little overwhelming. A good multi-vitamin or individual supplement can give you that extra boost of energy you may need to push through and get everything done!

Don’t forget to live presently, and enjoy every minute of the planning process.