Mom jeans have been a fashion ‘no’ for years. Bellbottoms and hipsters made a comeback, we learned to love peddle pushers and ankle grazers, and super tight skinny jeans have become a firm favourite, but now it’s mom jeans’ time to shine.

From the back of the 80s closet, mom jeans are making their way back into fashionistas’ wardrobes – and they don’t look motherly at all.

Mom jeans can be a stylish and versatile addition to any wardrobe. Here are three basic ways to wear mom jeans and be comfortable and trendy.

Make your old-fashioned mom jeans trendy

It’s all in how you wear them. Mom jeans are just as versatile as any other style of jeans and can be worn with the latest trends. You can do this by either pairing the jeans with a trendy crop top or attitude t-shirt or find jeans that are ripped or embroidered to keep your look ultra trendy.

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Pair mom jeans with heels for a more formal look

Mom jeans are very similar to straight leg jeans and have the benefit of a high waist and a comfortable fit around the back. This makes them great for a comfortable formal look that is easy to achieve. Pair plain, dark mom jeans with a formal top and heels or a great pair of pumps and you’re all set. This simple look can easily take you from day to night.

Wear your mom jeans with these wedges under R199 for a touch of class without compromising your comfort (or your budget).

Throw it all the way back

Vintage hand-me-downs are an awesome way to stay on trend without breaking the bank. Pairing light blue, stone-washed or even acid-washed mom jeans straight from the 80s with a loose fitting shirt and plain white sneakers gives a fashionable nod to bygone trends and is a unique take on the here and now.

You can also wear your mom jeans with these fashionable screen t-shirts.

Get the right size

While mom jeans are designed for comfort, old-fashioned mom jeans are not made from stretchy material. In the wrong size, mom jeans can be unflattering, bulky and uncomfortable. Make sure you get yours in the right size!

Here are some of our favourite mom jeans in stores now: