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Experts agree – keeping your skin moisturised during pregnancy can minimise stretchmarks

Call me vain but, being someone who is predisposed to stretchmarks, I was extremely concerned about earning my ‘tiger stripes’ during my first pregnancy. I used every available and affordable anti-stretchmark product I could get my hands on!

My mom told me that no product is going to stop nature from taking its course and that I was wasting my money. I, the ever non-listening daughter decided that even if that was true, I was rather going be proactive. At least that way I would know that even if the stretchies did appear, I did my very best in trying to not let that happen.

I’m happy to report on three things. 1 – I didn’t get any stretchmarks, 2 – I am currently expecting my second child, and 3 – I have found a wonderful, proudly South African anti-stretchmark product that I am sure you will love too!

Lisa Raleigh x Yummy Maternity Luxe Bodycare range

For the past two weeks I have been exclusively using the Lisa Raleigh x Yummy Maternity anti-stretchmark pregnancy tummy butter and the anti-stretchmark tummy oil from their luxe bodycare range.

With a list of certified organic and natural ingredients, these products are safe to use throughout your pregnancy and while you’re breastfeeding.

While both are great, I have to say that I’ve especially been enjoying the tummy butter. It’s the perfect consistency which absorbs fast and doesn’t leave you feeling like you need to wait a while before getting dressed. It also doesn’t make me feel sticky or hot / sweaty like some of the other creams I’ve used before. Another big plus is that these products don’t have a sickly sweet or overpoweringly strong smell (it has more of a delicate, fresh and clean ‘lemony’ fragrance) – ideal for those days when you’re feeling queasy.

So, if you’re currently busy ‘baking a little bun’ in your oven, why not spoil yourself (you deserve it… growing a tiny human is hard work!) or if you know someone who is expecting, these will make for a hugely appreciated Christmas present.



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