4.     Interrogate your health-food choices

Just because you buy some of your foods from a health-food store doesn’t mean they are sugar-free.

Read the labels on ALL foods, but especially on health-foods. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Did you know? The labels list ingredients in order from MOST prevalent to LEAST prevalent. So the closer sugar (or whatever else they choose to call it) is to the top of the ingredients list, the more they’ve used.

How to read food labels

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5.     Don’t eat fat-free foods

Ever thought about how they make yogurt ‘fat-free’? I mean, milk is full of fat. So where does it go? And what happens to the space it leaves?

Well, amongst other things, manufacturers use sugar to fill up the recipe and make it taste sweet. This is the same for any food that has been made ‘fat-free’. Stick with the real versions of the foods you choose to eat.