Gastro oesophageal reflux disease is more commonly known as acid reflux, a condition experienced by many people.

It occurs when acid from the stomach moves upwards into the food pipe – known as the oesophagus – causing irritation and often a burning sensation amongst other symptoms. Here are three ways in which you can help prevent this condition.

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Are you eating a healthy diet?

Take a closer look at the foods that you are consuming on a regular basis. Ensure that your diet is well balanced and providing you with adequate nutrition to keep you going through the day. Your eating plan should include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy sources of protein as well as foods from the other basic food groups. See a dietician if you need help in creating an eating plan that is tailored to your needs.

Look out for food triggers too as certain foods may trigger the condition in your system. Common triggers may include chocolate, onions, fatty foods, peppermints, caffeinated drinks as well as spicy foods. If you feel that a certain food is triggering a response in your body, consider cutting down or cutting out that food completely from your diet.

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