Colours can bring out your personality and manage how youâ??re perceived

Colours can bring out your personality, change the way you feel and manage how youâ??re perceived. Typically, white represents purity and innocence. Itâ??s really no wonder then that itâ??s the most popular choice for brides to wear! White is perfect for summer as it creates a cool, refreshing appearance.

 Insight into colours, their psychological and symbolic associations

As the president of Elements of Image, Dana Lynch has over 15 years experience in retail clothing sales and management. Using the elements of design, she advises clients from all over the world on attaining complete wardrobes. Lynch provides more insight into colours, their psychological and symbolic associations and how to colour co-ordinate your way to the best states of emotional well-being.

Red raises the pulse rate faster than any other colour

Red symbolises the colour of love and passion and those wearing this confident colour are perceived as being assertive, daring and strong.

Research shows that red raises the pulse rate faster than any other colour and that men love a woman in radiant red.

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Aim for higher states of authority with darker shades 

If youâ??re aiming for higher states of authority and trustworthiness, look no further than royal blue or navy. Whilst light blues call to mind soothing states of tranquillity and calm, darker hues suggest power and can be incorporated in power suits worn to work. Another colour associated with authority is black, which also conveys elegance and simplicity.


Associated with royalty, mysticism, artistry and sensitivity, purple signifies luxury, wealth and sophistication. A smart choice for those who want to appear creative, unique and artistic, purple also lends itself to inducing confidence.

Found in abundance in natural settings, green is perceived as a pure colour reminiscent of natureâ??s tranquillity. Dark greens like olive, rainforest and hunter green are also commonly associated with affluence.

Women content with their physical appearance wear yellow

Apparently, women confident with their physical appearance and beauty tend to wear the colour yellow, which is a firm favourite of children too.

Bright and sunny, it communicates warmth and cheer. People wearing it are perceived as optimistic, approachable and jolly and it comes highly recommended as the colour to wear when you expect co-operation from kids!

Orange epitomises enthusiasm and creativity, contributing to states of vitality and endurance in the workplace. People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere.

Varying levels of colour contrasts have different effects

Whilst black and white provides the highest level of contrast when combining a power suit, it can also be a bit intimidating and unapproachable. Just as dark colours with high contrast are powerful, authoritative and intimidating, lighter colours in lower contrast are perceived as more relaxed, friendly and approachable.

Chooose colours instinctively


Although colours create perceptions that can be obvious, powerful, stimulating and demanding depending on the level of contrast used, you should choose your favourites based on what instinctively appeals to you and what you associate those colours with!