Everyone is talking about Black Friday, and if you want to make the most of your shrinking budget (thanks SA economy), then read on…

The All4Women team includes nappy-changing moms, parents of ‘terrible’ teens, those who’ve opted for four-legged fur kids, and the newly engaged, and we’re all out looking for Black Friday bargains.

Oh yes, and don’t forget our mad tech team who have their sights set on some super cool thingamabobs that are sure to have the gadget gurus in your household drooling.

Black Friday is your chance to make the most of your ‘Christmas present budget’ AND get a little something for yourself. We’re not kidding, the deals are INSANE.

What stores are participating in Black Friday?

Makro, Checkers, Takealot, Superbalist, Clicks, Game, Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Zando… The list goes on. Hundreds of retailers have joined the Black Friday phenomenon and have promised South Africans that 2018 will offer some of the best deals yet.

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Online versus in-store

There are a few stores that don’t offer online shopping yet, including Checkers and Shoprite. So if you want to make the most of the deals that they offer, you’re going to have to put on your comfy tekkies, and grab a trolley.

However, many of the All4Women team’s favourite stores are offering fantastic online deals.

You COULD make the best of each if you wake up really early on Black Friday, 23 November and grab the online deals before the physical stores open, and then head out to the malls.

The All4Women team has shared some of the items we have our eyes on for Black Friday bargain hunting. Read our tips below on how to prepare for your Black Friday shop to make sure you get to the front of the physical and virtual queue as quickly as possible…

But first, here’s what the All4Women team are planning to snap up on the day:

Claire Warneke

We’ve just moved in to a new house, so I’m on the lookout for décor bargains. I’m looking for cute and quirky accessories as well as more practical things like curtains and sheets.

My husband is the king of online clothing shopping in our household. Every year he stocks up on work shirts and chinos at rock bottom prices. He also manages to find some great deals on winter shoes and boots.

Tip:  For quirky décor, Superbalist is one of our favourite online stores. For men’s clothing, check out Markhams online, as well as Zando, Edgars and Woolworths.

Sasha Wyatt-Minter

I’m going to keep a lookout for drinks specials. I want to stock up for the Christmas season when we are hosting loads of guests and celebrations.

Tip: Keep a lookout for booze specials on Takealot! Game and Makro might also have some great deals on Black Friday.  

Megan van den Heever

I’m going for the essentials like food and nappies which are hardly ever on sale!

Tip: Watch Dis-Chem, Takealot, Shoprite and Checkers for the best deals on nappies this year. Shoprite and Checkers will also be a great place to get specials on food – we’re thinking Christmas turkey with all the trimmings?!

Enrique Arbizu

I’ll be shopping online for some awesome Lego specials for my daughter (and myself!), and I’m also keen on finding a Nintendo Switch at a steal.

Tip: Toys R Us will hopefully have some fab Lego up for grabs, while Makro, Takalot, and Loot could be a good place to look for the Nintendo Switch!  




Claire Sebastiano

I’m not planning on buying anything really, but if a new phone, a few Le Creuset pots and a whole lot of Lush products happen to find themselves in my shopping cart, I wouldn’t be mad…

Tip: Check out YuppieChef for potential Le Creuset specials, and Lush’s own website where there will hopefully be some pamper-licious deals!

Zethu Sithole

I’m hoping to buy solar lights for the garden and, as usual loads of toilet paper, Weetbix and Oros (because December).

Tip: For the solar lights, check out Takealot and Game, and for the rest, head out to your nearest Shoprite or Checkers.

Jade Brennan

I am looking for a Fitbit Alta as a Christmas present, Douwe Egberts coffee (this was on special last year and it was the only Black Friday deal I bought – I actually purchased three bottles)… and maybe an Xbox.

Tip: Check out Pick n Pay for possible coffee specials, and Takealot, Game, and Makro for tech.

Jana Kleinloog

I am planning to buy a laminator so I can stop funding Postnet’s existence.

Tip HiFi Corp, Makro and Takealot are sure to be selling some budget-friendly laminators.

Blythe Tappin

I will be avoiding the shops this Black Friday, but will be looking for online specials for flights and honeymoon packages, as well as quirky home décor (there’s a mirror that I am on the hunt for).

Tip: Travelstart and Cheapflights are your best bet for honeymoon getaway specials, and Superbalist for the mirror!

How to prepare to shop on Black Friday:

For online shopping:

  • Most online stores require you to set up a shopping profile before you can select your items and head to the virtual checkout counter. Create your profile ahead of time, and make sure all your banking details are on the system. This will help speed up the payment process.
  • Check to see if the stores you’re interested in have an app. There could be additional specials on the app, and it offers an extra platform if the website is overwhelmed by traffic.
  • Do some scouting ahead of time. Figure out the type of things you’re looking for, and which websites would be the most likely ones to feature those items on special. Bookmark those sites, and write down a list of what you’re shopping for. This will ensure that you don’t get distracted by popups and banners along the way!
  • On the day: Set your alarm, and wake up REALLY early on Black Friday – most online stores will be open from midnight. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, get your shopping list out, and start clicking!
  • Be prepared to ‘refresh’ or encounter some ‘traffic’ trouble, but persevere – the savings are well worth it.



For in-store shopping:

  • As with online shopping, you will need to do some scouting ahead of time. Figure out which stores will most likely have the items you want.
  • Then set your alarm for 5am (keep a lookout, some stores are opening at MIDNIGHT)
  • Down an espresso or two
  • Put on your MOST comfortable tekkies
  • Grab your most secure handbag. The chaos of the crowds during Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for pick-pocketing and cellphone theft so stay alert, and always keep your handbag firmly shut (Zippers are more secure than flaps. You can also tie your purse to the inside of your bag with a piece of string.)
  • If you are lucky enough to have some friends or family with you, try to ‘divide and conquer’ the shopping list among you.

There will most likely already be a queue when you arrive, so take a deep breath and prepare for chaos!