With summer firmly on the horizon, you’re probably already worried about conspicuous sweat stains ruining your favourite clothes. No need to be, however, as we have your back!

The reason for the notorious sweat stain at the armpits of our clothes is simple – pit sweat is oilier than ‘normal’ sweat, and we tend to shed a lot of skin protein here too. Add some over-eager bacteria here, and you have the recipe for ugly stains.

Knowing sweat stains are mostly oil and protein, means we need an oil-beating solution to get rid of it.

Enzymes are usually key here, and you can crush any enzyme tablets to work into the area, or simply switch to an enzyme-heavy washing powder.

If the stains are stubborn or have been there a long time, add a little water to the crushed tablets and let it sit for a while as a paste for maximum action. From there, it should be a matter of washing as normal.

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Now you know the key to banishing these stains forever, you need never worry about ruining your favourite shirt again.