Are you battling to remove mineral deposits from your kettle or showerhead?

The chalky white residue left by hard water can make your fancy glass kettle look dingy and dirty, although it isn’t actually dirt (it’s just calcium build-up) and won’t interfere with it doing its job or endanger your health.

However, one simple trick is all you need to banish it…

It may come as no surprise that we’re going to use vinegar for this one

Is there anything this powerful DIY cleaner can’t do? The acid in the vinegar helps ‘chelate’ the metals and calcium in the deposit – in other words, helps strip it off. You can then rinse it away safely without surface damage.

Simply bring equal parts vinegar and water to boil in the kettle, leave it to soak overnight, reboil it in the morning, and flush the kettle well.

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You can do the same with a showerhead that’s picking up mineral marks- tie a thick ziploc bag of vinegar and hot water around the showerhead overnight, then run the water well in the morning to rinse everything.

While the unsightly deposits may well do no harm, this simple vinegar blend will help you banish those hard water marks for good!