Controversial author Jackie Phamotse’s book, I tweet what I like. So… sue me!, could land her in hot water

The book, which was available for pre-order earlier this month, reportedly mentions the names of high-profile figures.

Basetsana Kumalo and her husband Romeo have already threatened legal action if Jackie violates a court order preventing her from talking about them.

The couple have already opened a new case against her after she allegedly tweeted that they would be mentioned in her new book.

“There is a court case order against Phamotse and criminal charges have been laid against her. If she breaches the court order in anyway, our client will take action against her both civil and criminal in nature,” their lawyer told the Sunday World.

But Jackie seems to be under the impression that the order only preventing her from talking about the couple on social media

“There’s no court order that says I’m not allowed to write a book. It just said I’m not allowed to write or post anything about her name on social media,” she told the publication.

It seems like being sued by the famous couple is the least of her problems.

A few days before unveiling her new book, Jackie revealed that she was being followed

“This is my reality! Got followed home again, almost got pushed out of the road! I am not going to back down come hell or high waters I am releasing this book on Thursday! Thank you to the @SAPoliceService for helping out!” she tweeted.

Other than details about her legal battle with Basetsane and Romeo, it’s unclear which other well-known figures are mentioned in Jackie’s book.

She has also had online beef with Bonang Matheba, who told her to “f*ck off” and publicist Linda Moeketsi, who claimed to have “an army of lawyers” waiting to take her on after claiming that she had defamed him in her previous book, Bare.

But Jackie doesn’t seem too fazed about all the drama and potential lawsuits.

She claims the book is her “answer to all the trolls who think they own our voices!”

“I started writing the book earlier this year. When I was attending the court case, I looked into what our legal system is saying about social media. In the book, I share my experience on how I overcame public humiliation and growing as an activist. I also talk about the case, addressing the allegations. A lot of people had different views about the case. We wanted to issue a statement but I decided not to,” she told The Star.

I tweet what I like. So… sue me! will officially hit the shelves in early 2019. It looks like we will find out next year if someone does indeed sue her!