Last updated on Mar 15th, 2021 at 08:51 am

When it comes to healthy food, sometimes you have to sacrifice on some of the taste. Checkers recently announced their healthy food range, Simple Truth, which has vegan, gluten-free and reduced-sugar options as well as fewer additives and preservatives.

Checkers sent us a range of products to try, so we decided to share them with our coworkers (we’re nice like that) and see what they thought.

Snack attack: Skinny Dipped Roasted Almonds

The box arrived and we announced that we would be taste testing in fifteen minutes. The office couldn’t wait so we began immediately. The first to go were the Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Flavoured Skinny Dipped Roasted Almonds (30g, R12.99 and also available in mint) and no one only had one! We were all pleasantly surprised and kind of sad that we only got a small bag.


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Cookie monsters: Reduced Sugar Coconut Cookies

Here at the All4Women Foodie HQ we take our cookies very seriously. We love treats and were sceptical about the reduced sugar label. The Reduced Sugar Coconut Cookies (150g, R19.99, also available in Oat Crunchies and Double Choc Chip) were delicious!

“They taste like an EetSumMor and Tennis Biscuit had a food baby”. You can’t taste that there is less sugar and it tastes amazing dunked in a cup of tea.”

Raise the bar: Coconut and Lemon Bar

The vegan Coconut and Lemon Bar (30g, R9.99 also available in Raw Pecan and Salted Caramel Flavoured as well as Cocoa and Chia) left us pleasantly surprised. Usually, when a snack has dates as a base, the dates can be overpowering. This was not the case and the lemon really came through and the coconut added a nice crunch.

Slam dunk: Gluten-Free Muesli Rusks

Our resident gluten-free eater was really excited to test out the gluten-free Muesli Rusks (250g, R34.99) because we don’t often get gluten-free treats in the office and at R35 a pop, they are budget friendly too.

“The muesli add-ins (like cranberries) are evenly spread and generous. Good dunkability because they don’t fall apart and the size of each rusk is perfect.”

What we really like about Simple Truth snacks

  • The snacks taste amazing and we liked all of them. And not in a ‘this isn’t bad for healthy food kind of way’. We loved them in an ‘I would choose this over the regular food’ kind of way.
  • These don’t cost a fortune and makes eating healthy food affordable.

See more gluten-free, vegan and reduced or no-sugar options below

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For a full list of the Simple Truth range as well as prices, click here

Disclaimer: All4Women was sent a box of Simple Truth goodies from Checkers. We are keeping them because we have already eaten most of it and they are so delicious!