There’s no doubt about it – chlorine bleach is still one of the most effective germ-busters there is. It is also a dangerous chemical that can produce hazardous fumes, however, and we don’t blame you if you are looking for alternate ways to get the job done.

If you opt for a more earth-friendly route, it’s important to realise that you will need two products – a laundry ‘bleach’ and a sanitising ‘bleach’- to get the job done but neither are particularly difficult to use…

For clothes, where the whitening element is important but you still want some disinfectant abilities too, you’ll want to go with a hydrogen peroxide and water solution

50/50 is about standard when using 3% hydrogen peroxide. You can boost the whitening power, and the smell, with two tablespoons of lemon juice and a little citric acid dissolved in water.

Do remember that this mix is a little vulnerable to breaking down in light, so either make a fresh batch every time or take a lot of care with storage.

For cleaning surfaces and produce, the answer is a little different

Mixing hydrogen peroxide and vinegar produces peracetic acid, which is a powerful, surgery-level disinfectant, but degrades quickly. It will be best to keep the two ingredients in two separate spray bottles, and mix them at the time of use by spraying a little of each. Great results can be had without rinsing, though you should always wash it off of produce where you intend to eat the skins later.

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While not quite as simple as that tub of Jik, these powerful bleach alternatives will allow you to get the dangers of chlorine out your kitchen once and for all.