Now and again, it’s a good idea to take a day off and spoil oneself with some ‘me time’. ..

So often we feel run off our feet with all the responsibilities that make our lives so busy: getting children ready for school, doing the shopping so that the cupboards aren’t bare, arranging with the plumber to sort out the blocked drain in the kitchen – and so the list goes on.

Here are a few ideas on how to enjoy some ‘me time’ without breaking the bank.

1.       Get lost in a library

Not only are they known for having endless shelves filled with captivating novels and interesting nonfiction books, libraries can be a great place to find resourceful DVDs, audiobooks and music.

Grab a book and finish as many chapters as your heart desires or catch up with what’s happening in the world by reading a newspaper front to back. Many libraries host film festivals, chess competitions and craft fairs, so be sure to check out the events calendar for more activities.

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2.       Try out a new recipe

Go through some of your old cook books, google some interesting food websites, or call up your great gran to hunt down a new recipe to try at home.

Then gather all the ingredients you need, heat up the stove and put together a meal which reminds you of your childhood days. Serve it to your family and/or coworkers by surprising them with a foreign dish.

Potato Sandwich Wrapped in Bacon recipe


Almond Butter and Oat Snack Balls recipe


Greek Vegetable Stew recipe

3.       Have a “no cellphone” day

If you’re attached to your cellphone like most people today, you may want to take this opportunity to temporarily uncuff yourself.

As scary as that may sound, giving your phone a break can be liberating. For one day, you could free yourself from the urge to compulsively check your emails and likes on Instagram. When turning off your phone, you allow yourself to live in the moment and enjoy your day even further.

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4.       Be a tourist in your own city

Being a tourist doesn’t require a trip to some exquisite island or any overseas destination. So, rather put your passport away for a bit and consider being a tourist in your own backyard.

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Visiting Cape Point could be worth your while, as the popular tourist destination has dropped rates for the Flying Dutchman funicular and the entry fee into the Park. They also have the Two Oceans Restaurant where you could settle down for a bite while overlooking False Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.



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5.       Feng shui your home

Arranging your home according to the principles of feng shui can help you feel more balanced and relaxed in your living environment. All it takes? Making little changes like banishing clutter, concealing electronics and cleaning up your yard. Rearrange your furniture to create natural pathways and reduce crowding.


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