You might think Black Friday is on November 29th in South Africa, but there’s more to it than that…

So, as usual, November has surprised us all by appearing out of nowhere. Now, because we love a bargain at All4Women HQ, the start of November means one thing: Black Friday. But when is Black Friday in South Africa and what else do you need to know about the day?

When is Black Friday in South Africa?

Black Friday is on the 29th of November 2018 in South Africa (and in the rest of the world). This date also happens to be the day after Thanksgiving in the USA, but because we don’t celebrate this holiday in South Africa, that isn’t really relevant for us.

Let’s get technical

So now you know that Black Friday is on the 29th of November, you might think that’s enough info to take advantage of the great savings that South African retailers will have on offer. It’s not! You also need to know that many Black Friday sales start at exactly one minute past midnight on the 29th.

Take your phone out right now and set your alarm clock right now for 00:01 on 29 November 2019 to make sure you’re first in line to grab those deals.

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Yes, Black Friday is after payday

Unlike last year, for most of us, the 29th of November is AFTER payday, so if you’re planning on splurging, go ahead. BUT remember that although most of us get paid early in December, our money needs to last until the end of January.

Some stores are starting Black Friday specials early

Black Friday in South Africa has gradually got bigger and bigger, with 2019 set to be the biggest year yet. This is good news for consumers who have more chances to save money, but it also means that retailers have to work harder to get their specials seen.

To help stand out of the crowd, some stores are starting their Black Friday specials early. Most sites will ask you to sign up to their newsletters to stay in the know – do this.

What will you buy on Black Friday?

According to Nielsen, last year South Africans bought coffee, detergent and nappies.  So if you don’t manage to snag that phone or 200 rolls of toilet paper, you’ll probably have a chance after payday.


So, what about Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday, and this year it happens on Monday the 2nd of December. Traditionally, Black Friday was for in-store deals and Cyber Monday was reserved for online specials, but in South Africa, retailers don’t really stick to this distinction.

Now take our quiz and find out if you should really be spending money this Black Friday.

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