So, you got a little trigger happy with your tweezers…

…or perhaps your beautician’s break-up has her mind all kinds of occupied, and that ‘little clean up’ became more of a ‘getting rid of’. Either way, most of us have been in a situation when we’ve stepped back and looked in the mirror after a brow grooming session and instantly wanted to burst into tears.

While it might feel like the only solution is to lock yourself in your room for the next few months, there are ways to remedy the situation if you’ve over-plucked your eyebrows. Start by PUTTING DOWN THE TWEEZERS, then read on…

What to do if you’ve over-plucked your eyebrows

Fake it

While you’re waiting for your hairs to grow back in (and they will, don’t worry!), you’re probably going to want to seek an instant fix, and thankfully there are plenty of great brow kits on the market for you to fill in the gaps and fake some fabulous brows.

Start by combing your remaining hairs into place and then using the pencil or powder to mimic hairs and fill them out. Your brow kit may come with a pair of tweezers – but please, do not use them!

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Wait it out

In the meantime, you’re going to have to exercise some serious patience while you wait for your new hairs to grow back. The hair cycle can be anything from one to four months, and in that time, you need to leave the tweezers alone… in fact, give them to someone you trust and tell them to lock them away!

You’ll want to let the hairs grow out completely for your brows to fill out and to ensure that the root solidifies.

Cover up

If hairs start to grow in places that drive you insane, bring out the concealer, not the tweezers. Until your brows are back to their desired state, rather rely on make-up to achieve the shape that you want. Trust us, they’ll look fab and no one will be any the wiser!

The awkward phase

Growing brows back isn’t easy, and you will have hairs growing at awkward angles and sticking up in weird places. Do not pluck them! Rather brush them into place and then set them using brow gel. If they’re REALLY unruly, trim them with scissors rather than pulling them out and going back to square one. Usually, after a few months, they’ll fall into line with the rest of your brows.

Call in some back-up

While you wait patiently for regrowth to occur, there’s no harm in trying to help it along. Many beauty gurus swear by castor oil, so get yourself a bottle and gently apply some to your brows every night… and every morning if you’re not going anywhere.

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Get rid of that magnifying mirror

Most eyebrow disasters go hand-in-hand with an at-home job with the dreaded magnifying mirror… No one is walking around with a magnifying glass checking out every nook and cranny of your face, which means the hairs that you can’t see in your normal mirror don’t need to be pulled out.

Visit a pro

After a brow disaster, it may be worth visiting a trusted brow professional once the hairs have grown back in. This way, they’ll give you the perfect shape, and work with what you have. Rather spend a little bit more on your first few appointments, and only take the tweezers out once they’re on fleek and you know how to handle them.

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