When you add up the amount you spend on all your beauty products – even those fab budget buys – you’ll probably find that you’ve got a small fortune living in your make-up bag, in your bathroom cabinets and on your dressing table…

(And YES, every product is necessary, in case your partner’s eye just happens to catch this article!) And it’s because of this that a small piece of our soul breaks every time we have to throw away a beauty product because it’s no longer in prime condition.

Well, have you ever stopped to think about the fact that the fridge is used to keep food fresher for longer? Yes, that’s right, find out which beauty products you should be keeping in your fridge to keep them working their magic that much longer.

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Nail polish

There’s nothing more disheartening than deciding to commit to a nail painting session and setting your heart on a specific colour, only to open it and find that it’s gone all gloopy, thick and/or hard. This happens purely because of exposure to heat, which means that keeping your nail polish in the fridge will lead to perfect polish every time… winning!

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Eye cream

As much as you can use make-up to conceal and hide those dark under-eye circles, there’s not much you can do to hide puffiness. However, putting something cool on your eyes (we’ve all heard of putting teaspoons in the freezer and then onto our under-eye area) does actually help reduce puffiness, which is why so many eye masks require cooling before use.

Because of this, it only makes sense that you store the eye cream that you use daily in the fridge… that way, you’ll be getting all the benefits from using your eye cream, plus the added cooling benefits to reduce under-eye bags. You’re welcome!


Selecting the perfect scent for you is no easy task, which is why you want to prolong the life of your fragrances for as long as possible. Unfortunately, most of us keep our perfumes on the bathroom counter or on our dressing tables, which means that they are often exposed to sunlight, heat, steam and humidity – all of which messes with the formula and actually changes the scent of the fragrance. To ensure you keep your scent the way you like it, keep your fragrances in the fridge.

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Tired of your eyeliner always smudging? Well, the fridge might just be the answer for you then. Storing your eyeliner in the fridge will allow it to harden, which means it will go on crisp and clean, giving you fab sharp lines.

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Facial mists

Few things are more refreshing for your skin than a spritz of good old facial mist, giving your skin a hydrating boost. Keeping this in the fridge will cool it down, meaning it will soothe your skin that much more, as well as assist with redness and puffiness. Wins all round!